Friday, 2 December 2011

The return of the Wombles!

The Wombles are close to our hearts here at The Golden Treasury (see the picture of Great Uncle Bulgaria with Sue Foster the owner). Being a stones throw from Wimbledon Common (their stomping ground), they are a wonderful childhood classic for us here. Who can forget their ingenious ways of using the rubbish they found and what an introduction to recycling?

We were so excited to see the beautiful reissues of the original Wombles books by Elizabeth Beresford last year! We now have the very soft Wombles plush in stock now, the DVD of the original TV series and also the new fully illustrated version of The Wombles. This first book introduces us to the the well loved characters such as Great Uncle Bulgaria and always hungry Orinoco! This special book comes complete with an audio CD with three specially selected Wombles stories ready by the one and only Bernard Cribbins, the original voice of the Wombles.

Introduce this to a new generation of children, we are sure they will love them as much as so many adults like us do now!