Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Christmas spirit!

We just have to share with you the wonderful story of a little 10yr old boy who came into the shop today. He came in with a purpose, to get his Christmas presents for his mum, dad and three year old sister.

He saved up his birthday and chore money all year to buy these presents. So he carefully spent some time choosing the right things and was very enthusiastic about getting what he thought they would love. He decided on his sister first and paid for them and then went to look for a novel for his mum, asking for help. Realising he didn't have enough money in his pocket, he ran home in the rain to fetch more from his secret hiding place! On his return we helped him choose a novel which he paid for and next it was dad's book to choose. He loved the Steve Jobs book and knew it would be perfect for his dad, as 'he loves and buys all the Apple gadgets, except for the iPad as he can't afford it'. Looking at the price, he was just short £5 so off he whizzed home (still raining!) to fetch a bit more money.

In the end he bought:

Mum - The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery
Dad - Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson
Little sister - The Big Colouring Book by Usborne, finger puppets from Fiesta Crafts and some colouring pencils

We think he is the most wonderfully kind, thoughtful and generous little boy we've come across this year and we like to declare him the BOY OF THE YEAR 2011! In these madly busy times, he was the best example of Christmas spirit and we salute him!