Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Tesco has arrived

Our local customers are sure to have seen the new addition to Replingham Road in the last couple of weeks. It's been a long time under discussion, and a battle admirably fought by Southfields residents and business owners, but to no avail... Tesco has arrived.

It's been sad to see public opinion so utterly steamrollered by the powers that be, but the fact is, a vast company like Tesco can pretty much do what it wants.

Whilst there is little or nothing that can be done about their arrival, there IS still a way to show our feelings and that is by firmly voting with our feet.  Several shops are in an extremely dangerous position now, up against a rival with incredible buying power and a large advertising budget behind them. These local businesses have been an integral part of life in Southfields for many years, and I'm sure we've all been on the receiving end of their friendly customer service, quality products and community spirit. Now is the time to say thank you.

By continuing to use these local shops we can keep Replingham Road and Southfields Village going. Consider this - a couple of years down the road, do you want to see a street full of boarded up buildings, Pound Shops or chain coffee shops (and Tesco of course)? Or do you want to be able to buy quality staples and unusual products on your doorstep? We hope your answer is the same as ours, and we hope you will join us in committing to a complete boycott of the new Tesco.

To demonstrate the depth of feeling in the community, you will notice several shops with this poster in their window.

Most of these shops will have some form of direct competition with the new Tesco, be it groceries, wine, meat and fish or magazines.   Please think about it next time you go shopping and consider your options before you spend.

Thanks for listening,

The Golden Treasury Team

Tuesday, 14 August 2012