Monday, 28 March 2011

Department 19

There are a couple of very exciting new title releases this week, including Anthony Horowitz's last Alex Rider book, Scorpia Rising. One we're all super-excited about though, is the debut novel by Will Hill called Department 19.

You might think you've had enough vampire novels to last you an eternity, but we urge you to think again! Will Hill has managed to come up with a book that is so original, fast-paced and thrilling that you'll literally be on the edge of your seat!

Without giving too much away, we can tell you that Department 19 is the official government department which has been protecting us mere mortals from supernatural threats ever since Van Helsing defeated Dracula. Everything Bram Stoker wrote was true, and teenager Jamie Carpenter is about to discover just how dangerous vampires really are. Forget the garlic though, these creatures are tougher than that, and Department 19 is at the cutting edge of high-tech weaponry.

Department 19 is definitely a book for teens - it's fairly bloody, but it's equally excellent for boys and girls, and would be just the thing for a reluctant teen to get their teeth into.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Two of our favourites for Mothering Sunday!

Mothering Sunday is 3rd April this year and here are two of our favourite books that are just perfect to give.

How to Crack an Egg With One Hand is a humorous guide to parenthood, including everything from the deeply serious to the hilarious. With fascinating facts such as when the epidural was invented, and how to write your child's name in Chinese.

I Love my Mummy is a wonderful lyrical read, all about the simple things in a baby's relationship with his mummy.

Also come in and see our range of cards and gifts perfect for a special mum.

*We are also running our Mother's Day competition this year. Pop into the shop and pick-up a coulouring sheet and also write a lovely Mother's Day message to your mum. Closing date is 1st April and there are prizes for the winner and the winner's mother! Look out for your entry in our window display*

Douglas by Giles Hargreaves *FREE EVENT*

Meet Douglas, not your average dog! We are very lucky to have Giles Hargreaves (son of Mr Men creator Roger Hargreaves) visiting the shop on Thursday 31st March at 4.15pm, for a very special storytime/drawing session and then a signing.

Come along and meet Giles and find out what Douglas really, really wants to be able to do!

Please book your place as space is limited. Contact the shop for more details.