Thursday, 29 March 2012

Books You've Always Meant to Read

At the beginning of January, once all the Christmas chaos had settled and we were well into plans and preparations for our coffee shop, we decided we wanted to test out a new section for adults in the shop. As you probably know, we have always stocked a selection of titles for our grown up customers, but we wanted to try something a bit different.

We've therefore introduced a new section of 'Books You've Always Meant to Read'. Using our combined literary knowledge and some book trade research, we have come up with a selection of books that might have always been on your 'must read' list, but you've never quite managed to get around to. From The Great Gatsby to The Kite Runner, The Woman in White to The Godfather and The Handmaid's Tale to The Shining, there is something for everyone to get their teeth into.

We're really enjoying coming up with the list but it's making our to-read piles even higher!

So, for your next holiday, long train journey or to read while relaxing with a coffee, why not try one of our 'Books You've Always Meant to Read'?

Over at our reviews blog, GT member of staff Polly has talked about one of her favourite books - Pride and Prejudice - which has already proved to be a popular title in our new section... Click here to read Polly's review.